Why should I hire a Wedding Videographer?


Why should you hire a wedding videographer?  Statistically, in the greater Austin area fifty-eight percent of brides hire a professional videographer. However, even more have some type of video of their wedding. Therefore, the majority brides want a video of their wedding day.  A study of newlyweds showed that ninety-eight percent of recently married couples recommend having your wedding filmed.  Other studies have ranked not having a videographer as the #1 regret after the wedding.   This article on The Knot gives feedback from real couples about videography.


It’s hard to imagine now, but in a few years, the details of your wedding day will fade from your mind. We think they won’t. We think we can remember it all, but we just can’t. If you are even vaguely interested in a wedding video, trust your instinct and have it filmed. Things that we take for granted in the here and now become invaluable memories in the future.  For instance, if your grandfather gives a toast your wedding, you will love your video even more after he passes away. Your young faces are alight with love for one another in your wedding film. Won’t it be fun to go back and show your kids what mommy and daddy looked like when they got married? Make it an anniversary tradition to watch your wedding video. Each year the fashions from your wedding day will become a little more obsolete. Each year that silly line dance we were all doing seems even sillier.  The memories of loved ones who have passed stay fresh in our minds and hearts.  And through the years, you will look back at your youthful, hopeful selves and say a little thank you to yourself for having the foresight to choose a professional video.

If you are on the fence about hiring a professional videographer, here are a few things to consider:


You may wonder why “Do it Yourself” video is risky. We hear this story over and over again: Your cousin who has a camera and knows how to edit videos is going to come to the wedding and film for you as your wedding gift. In theory, this sounds great because you want a video, but you’d rather not pay for it.

Here’s where your plan falls apart fast: Your cousin had really good intentions to come, but last minute has to cancel and can’t come to the wedding. Or, he doesn’t own a tripod, so he films hand-held until his one battery runs out. If by chance he was able to make it to the wedding and film everything you want, you’re still depending on him to edit the footage. It’s a lot more work that it seems.

For DIY videography, the best case scenario is one of your guests tries to enjoy and participate in your wedding while filming some of your ceremony and reception. He probably cannot record all of the awesome audio from the vows, musicians, or toasts. Later, hopefully he edits the video and sends it to you.  In the worst case scenario, he doesn’t show up at all, his equipment is insufficient, or he does not complete the project. This is the risky way to get a home video of one of the most important days of your life. Even if everything works out like you hoped, what quality of video are you getting? Is it what you really wanted?

Take away the uncertainty of trusting an amateur. Instead, a professional has all of the equipment needed to film and edit your wedding film. Your contract gives you assurance that he will show up on the wedding day. You can count on delivery of a fully edited video. If you want  a video, take away the risk factor, and hire a professional.


Many “studios” or wedding “one-stop-shops” sound like a great idea because you are dealing with only one vendor but consider the experience of who is actually being sent to film your wedding.   Many of these companies employee college kids looking for a little extra income on the weekend.   These “contractors” are often not using their own gear but the companies and have little experience in their craft.  Even worse, the video that is on their website is often not filmed and edited by the same person sent out to film your wedding.

When you hire a professional, you gain his experience. Filming is harder than it looks. There’s more to it than putting a camera on a tripod. For example, a professional videographer will constantly monitor and adjust camera settings. He will have multiple cameras set up at just the right spot.  An experienced videographer has the big picture in mind while filming on the wedding day. He is finding creative angles, details, and intimate moments in order to weave together the story of your wedding.   Additionally, an experienced videographer will be ready at a moment’s notice.  There are no “retakes” on a wedding day.


We love photography and always recommend having a photographer.  But there are some things that only professional video can capture vs photos.

See the wedding preparation and anticipation before the ceremony

Watch the tear roll down your cheek as you see each other for the first time or read each other’s letters.

Listen to the vows and promises you made each other.

Remember the toasts from your family and friends.

Relive and cherish your first dance with your husband

Laugh at your friends showing off their dance moves


*Statistics from WEVA, the Knot, Wedding Wire and the Wedding Report


of Couples have their wedding filmed by a professional


of Newlyweds recommend having your wedding filmed

Having a videographer at the wedding started out as a “nice to have” more than a “need to have” when planning my (non-extravagant) wedding budget. But I’m so glad that I found JR Digital Video and brought them on board for the big day. The quality of their work is great and their prices are reasonable and fair. Jason was so pleasant to work with – responsive and helpful. We watched our videos last night and the amount of detail and thoughtfulness that went into the whole package just blew me away. This is clearly a company that loves what they do and is very good at it. You can’t go wrong with them.



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